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Vortex & City of the Star People Experiences

with Author & Sedona Resident,
Mark Amaru Pinkham

Author of
Sedona City of the Star People

And the Moderator in the newly-released DVD - The Sedona Vortex Video


Enjoy a Sedona Experience
in the beautiful Red Rock Country!

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Announcing the newly-released DVD (Oct 2017) The Sedona Vortex Video!
With Moderator Mark Amaru Pinkham 
author of
Sedona City of the Star People

If you're coming to the majestic and powerful Red Rock Country of Sedona, AZ USA ,
here's what you need to prepare for your visit!
OR, if you're already here, this DVD is all you need for your visit to the Sedona Vortexes.

In the 2 Hour Video Mark​ takes you to 9 Sedona Vortexes and reveals how to tap into their energy
and use their power for transformation and interdimensional experience.
He also shares with you their geological, metaphysical and Native American history.

The package includes a DVD, as well as the URL to the video so you can watch it on your mobile device.
And it includes a location map of the 9 vortexes & a FREE Sedona Grid Map.

To order your copy, visit's a short YouTube Video with author Mark Amaru Pinkham 
sharing cutting-edge information about Sedona: City of the Star People

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We invite you to experience the many sides to Sedona, City of the Star People,
known in Hopi legend as Palatkwapi!
With its veneer of magnificent red rock formations, Sedona is also home to some of the
strongest energy vortexes and interdimensional portals on Earth.

SedonaVortexTours.jpg (20766 bytes)

SedonaCathedralRock-ILefberg.jpg (14368 bytes)Over the course of a rejuvenating, inspiring, and transformative day,
Mark will accompany you to the four major vortex areas in Sedona:

Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock,
Bell Rock & Airport Vortex

Photo Credit Cathedral Rock:

Before your visit on the land, Mark will share the esoteric and geological history of the surrounding Red Rock landscape. Afterwards he'll be honored to accompany you to specially chosen "pockets of energy" where you can connect with the spirits and transformative energies pervading the vortex areas.

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Mark Amaru Pinkham
Author of
Sedona City of the Star People

Mark is a local Sedona Resident
and an Author, Astrologer, Spiritual Teacher, and Director of the Seven Rays of Healing School

For more information about Mark and his work, Click Here 

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Includes Airport Vortex, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon

SedonaBellRockRock-ILefberg.jpg (21569 bytes)Your Full Day SEDONA VORTEX EXPERIENCE begins in the morning at the electric/male vortex of Bell Rock, perhaps one of Sedona's best known sentinels of spiritual consciousness.

 SedonaCathedralRock-ILefberg.jpg (14368 bytes)

Photo Credit Bell Rock:

Your next stop is the electric/male vortex of Cathedral Rock.
Photo Credit Cathedral Rock:

SedonaAirportVortex.jpg (18185 bytes)You then proceed to magnetic/female Airport Vortex, which creates a huge triangular grid of energy with Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock. Time for excellent photo opportunities to capture the panoramic scene before you, as well as a time to bask in the energies streaming into the area.

Lunch Break/Rest. There are many options in Sedona to choose from. Mark will be available to give you suggestions and/or accompany you for lunch.SedonaKachinaWoman.jpg (21540 bytes)


Your last vortex visit for the day will be at Boynton Canyon, the electro-magnetic (male/female) vortex, the one that many people, including Mark, consider to be Sedona's heart chakra and the most powerful of the four.


Includes Airport Vortex, Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock (As described above)
OR Boynton Canyon

During the half-day hike into Boynton Canyon, Mark Amaru Pinkham will accompany you to a lookout point directly across from a group of red rock temples that he refers to as the "Court of the King" in his new book Sedona: City of the Star People.


Discover Palatkwapi, the legendary “Red City” built by the Star People that Sedona sits upon. Before your visit, Mark Amaru Pinkham, author of Sedona City of the Star People will recount the Hopi legends of the Star People and their city of Palatkwapi. He will then accompany you to the red rock formations that remain of this very ancient city of spiritual wisdom.


Option # 1 

The Sphinx, the Honey Bear, and Throne of Ganesh


 Airport Vortex and Bell Rock: the Heart and Crown Chakras of Sedona

SedonaAirportVortex.jpg (18185 bytes)   SedonaBellRockRock-ILefberg.jpg (21569 bytes)

Boynton Canyon - Kachina Woman and Warrior Rock: Sedona’s Root Chakra   

 SedonaKachinaWoman.jpg (21540 bytes)

Option # 2

Boynton Canyon the center of Sedona’s massive vortex!
Includes Kachina Woman, the Court of the King, the Great Monolith,
the Cave of Kamalapukwia, the Crystal Skull, and the Colony of Mu Symbol.



The Sphinx, the Honey Bear and Throne of Ganesh

Airport Vortex and Bell Rock: the Heart and Crown Chakras of Sedona

SedonaAirportVortex.jpg (18185 bytes)   SedonaBellRockRock-ILefberg.jpg (21569 bytes)

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"My experience in Sedona with Mark was more incredible that I'd dreamed it would be! He is certainly connected to the vortex energies. And his skill at supporting me to connect with each of them made all the difference for me. I especially appreciated the time and attention he gave me; due to that my transformational experience was powerful! I'll certainly return to the Land of Awes to explore more with Mark!" L. Billings - California

"When I booked my Sedona Vortex visit with Mark I thought I knew what to expect. My experience more than met my expectations. Sedona is magic, pure and simple. And Mark is a magician in his own right. He assisted me to open up to deeper parts of myself through connecting with the powerful energies in the red rocks. A truly winning combination!"  J. Pederson - Toronto, Canada

"My husband and I had lived in Arizona for several years, but had never been in Sedona. We'd often heard from friends about how powerful it was. We found out the truth for ourselves. And Mark helped us immensely to do this. He's a master of Sedona vortex energy - so connected and so passionate about helping others to connect. Thank you Mark for an incredible day that we'll always remember, and want to repeat! " L. and J Martinez - Arizona

"Sedona and Mark were so kind to me. I came seeking solace from a deep trauma in my life. Under the guidance of Mark's excellent skills as a spiritual teacher, at the power spots I was able to release the burden of grief that I was carrying. What a freeing and joyful experience. Thank you for supporting me in my transformation." M. Abinosoe - Oregon

"What can I say? My experiences in Sedona changed me forever! The meditation at Bell Rock truly rocked my world! " B. Allison - New York

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For more information about how YOU can have a Vortex or City of the Star People Experience,
email Mark Amaru Pinkham at
or call 928 284-1429

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