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Since 1994...Spiritual Pilgrimages
to the world's most important Sacred Sites
to enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit

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24 Years of Sacred Sites Journeys!
Some of our various groups through the years ....

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Spain-SantiagoDeCompostella-Group.jpg (14034 bytes)  NepalTibet-2-2008.jpg (13325 bytes)   
Above - Left to Right: Egypt (2004), England (2008), Spain (2006), Nepal/Tibet (2008)

Peru-MachuPicchu-Group.jpg (11999 bytes)
ChinaTibet-2007.jpg (7825 bytes)   England-GlastonburyTor-June2012.jpg (25402 bytes)  Scotland-RosslynCastle-Group.jpg (18700 bytes)
Above - Left to Right: Peru (2006),China/Tibet (2007), England (2012), Scotland (2004)

      Ireland-May2008.jpg (11053 bytes)  Egypt-Dendera-November2011.jpg (8339 bytes)
Peru-2003Group.jpg (8764 bytes)  Turkey-Ephesus-Nike-SSJGroup-April2012.JPG (15188 bytes)
Above - Left to Right: Ireland (2008), Egypt (2011), Peru (2003), Turkey (2012)

    Peru-MachuPicchu-Group-Aug2012-Small.jpg (29032 bytes)  Egypt-Aswan-TempleofIsis-Group-Nov2012.jpg (24278 bytes)  Ireland-Newgrange-SSJGroup-Sept2011.jpg (14533 bytes)  Malta-SSJGroupPartial-April2013.jpg (11783 bytes)
Above - Left to Right: Peru (2012), Egypt (2012), Ireland (2011), Malta (2013)

     England-Wells-GardenGroupPhoto-June2013.jpg (13059 bytes)  Peru-Sacsayhuaman-Group-Aug2013.jpg (10420 bytes)  Egypt-Karnak-SekhmetChapel-Group-Nov2013-2.jpg (7387 bytes) 
Above - Left to Right: England (2013), Peru (2013), Egypt (2013)

Peru-Quillarumiyoc-June2014.jpg (10530 bytes)  England-SilburyHill-Group-Aug2014.jpg (7329 bytes)  Egypt-Sphinx-Group-Nov2014.jpg (9166 bytes) 
Above - Left to Right: Peru, (2014), England (2014), Egypt (2014)

 Malta-March2015-Group-Sm.jpg (10527 bytes)  England-GlastonburyTor-Group-July2015-Sm.jpg (10390 bytes)  Peru-MachuPicchu-Group-Aug2015-Sm.jpg (10349 bytes)
Above - Left to Right: Malta (2015), England (2015), Peru (2015)

Above - Left to Right: France (2016) - Some of our group members; there were 25 of us!  Peru (2016); Ireland (2016); Egypt (2016)

Above - Left to Right: Malta (2017); Peru (2017); England (2017)

Above - Left to Right: Egypt (2018); Easter Island (2018); Ireland (2018); Mt Shasta CA (Partial Group - July2018)

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Founders Andrea Mikana-Pinkham & Mark Amaru Pinkham

Andrea and Mark at Sacsayhuaman, Cusco PERU.

We founded our first sacred travel company in August 1993,
and have operated and led spiritual pilgrimages annually
to the world's sacred sites for the last 24 years.

About Andrea
Andrea is the Director of Sacred Sites Journeys,
as well as a Featured Speaker, Meditation Facilitator
and Tour Director on our sacred journeys.

She teaches online teleseminars in The Sisterhood of Sophia,
a branch for women of The Order & Mystery School of the Seven Rays

About Mark

Mark is the author of Sacred Geometry and the Creation of the Universe - NEW! Released August 2018,
Sedona City of the Star People, The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom,
and four other books about the esoteric history of our planet and the Goddess Tradition.

He is a Sedona Vortex & City of the Star People Land Escort

 and the Moderator in the newly-released DVD (Oct 2017) - The Sedona Vortex Video

As well, Mark is the Founder/Director of The Order & Mystery School of the Seven Rays
He teaches online teleseminars in The Order.

2018 Sacred Sites Journeys
Andrea and/or Mark lead our 2018 Sacred Sites Journeys to EGYPT and
They led our 2018 Spiritual Retreat on Mt Shasta, CA
 Andrea will lead our 2018 Sacred Sites Journey to

Andrea led our SSJ to IRELAND with Dr. Robert Schoch and his wife Katie Ulissey.

Andrea will co-lead a Shakti Supreme Women's Spiritual Retreat in SEDONA AZ 
Mark will lead a City of the Star People Retreat in SEDONA AZ

2019 Sacred Sites Journeys
Andrea and Mark will lead our 2019 Sacred Sites Journey to PERU.
Andrea will lead our 2019 Sacred Sites Journey to MALTA.
Michael and Lynne Orchard will lead our 2019 Sacred Sites Journey to ENGLAND.

Andrea and Mark will lead our 2019 Sacred Sites Journey to

For more information about Andrea & Mark, visit About Us

For information about our upcoming 2018 & 2019 Sacred Sites Journeys, see below.

Visit our
Why Travel with Sacred Sites Journeys and When to Register Pages!

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2018 Sacred Sites Journeys

Spiritual Odyssey: Sacred Sites and Ancient Oracles
October 1 - 9, 2018

Optional Post-Tour Excursion to
CRETE: October 9th - 17th
and to
MYKONOS & DELOS: October 17th - 20th

Registration is closed for our GREECE Pilgrimage.

We invite you to follow our sacred journey by visiting this page on our website.

Shakti Supreme in Sedona Women's Spiritual Retreat:
Discover and Reclaim Your Hidden Gifts

November 2, 3 & 4, 2018

Image by Artist Atmara Rebecca Cloe

AndreaMikana-Pinkham.jpg (12743 bytes)
Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Sacred Sites Journeys' Director & Priestess of Sophia

Melody Heart

Priestess of Sophia

The transformative energies of Sedona's powerful sacred vortex sites
will assist you to go deep inside to bring forth your Hidden Gifts.

Shakti, the female principle of Divine energy awaits YOU!
Reclaim Her power in Your Life in a safe, loving and protected space
in a group of other like-minded women.

As we visit some of Red Rock Country's hidden gems on the land
you'll have the opportunity to participate in individual, one-on-one and group processes
that will support you to bring forth those aspects of yourself
that have been hidden from your conscious mind...
to free them to be used in your life to bring more creativity, joy, peace, love, happiness and whatever
else it is your Soul wants to express and experience.

You'll also receive exercises that will support you to continue your process of integration as you
take the energies of change home with you into your life.

For complete details, pricing and how to join the group:'sSpiritualRetreat-Nov2018-Itinerary.pdf

Sedona City of the Star People Retreat
November 9, 10 & 11, 2018


Mark Amaru Pinkham,
author of Sedona: City of the Star People

Go back in time and discover Palatkwapi, the City of the Star People.
During this retreat author Mark Amaru Pinkham will guide you to the places
around Sedona that have been revealed to him to be the remaining vestiges of Palatkwapi,
a sacred and very ancient temple city of Hopi legend
that was built and once lived in by the Kachinas or Star People.

This is the first time this retreat has been offered, so the participants will have
an opportunity to see and learn first-hand about the known remains
of Palatkwapi as well as some that have not been previously revealed.

All the remaining vestiges of Palatkwapi were originally built
upon powerful vortexes, where we will take time for deep meditation
and alchemical work when we visit.

The unique places we will visit during the retreat include:
- The fabulous Court of the King, who is know as Masau'u by the Hopis
- The Pillars of Palatkwapi
- The Symbol of MU
- The Sphinx
- The Throne of Ganesh
- The Sedona Pyramid
- The Chakras of Sedona
- The Pentagram and Hexagram Landscape Temples

For complete details, pricing and how to join the group:

2019 Sacred Sites Journeys

Shamanic Retreat at Machu Picchu, Cusco
& The Sacred Valley of the Incas
March 31 - April 11, 2019

With an Optional Post-Tour Extension to Lake Titicaca, April 11th - 14th

This will be our 25th year of organizing and leading
Sacred Sites Journeys to Pachamama Land.
Our Shamanic Retreat will be a very unique experience
in celebration of this important anniversary.

Featured Speaker, Shamanic Teacher: Author Mark Amaru Pinkham
Andean Ritual Specialist & Mesa Carrier in the Inca Spiritual Tradition
Founder/Director of The Order and Mystery School of The Seven Rays
Co-Founder of Sacred Sites Journeys

Speaker, Shamanic Teacher & Tour Director: Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Andean Ritual Specialist & Mesa Carrier in the Inca Spiritual Tradition
Co-Founder & Director of Sacred Sites Journeys
of The Order and Mystery School of The Seven Rays

Tour Guide: Oscar Andy Atayupanqui Gaona
MA, Anthropology - National University of Villarreal, Lima
BA, Anthropology - National University of San Antonio Abad, Cusco
Andean Ritual Specialist & Mesa Carrier in the Inca Spiritual Tradition
of The Order and Mystery School of The Seven Rays

During this important transformative period on Earth certain areas on our planet
are now being given prominence because of their intense vortexual power
and the transformative initiations they can provide to serious spiritual seekers.
One of these special regions is the Andes of PERU.

Since 1992, when Andean Shamans claim Peru fully recovered the spiritual power
 it possessed during the time of the early Incas,
people from all over the world have flocked to the Andes to receive its prodigious gifts.
These include the awakening of a seeker’s intuition,
opening to the profound mysteries of the universe and human existence,
and the full opening of the Heart Chakra.
In order for sincere seekers to fully receive these gifts
we have called upon our 25 years of training and intensive experience in the Andes
to design a retreat that will provide the optimum environment and assistance for you for this to occur!

Throughout our 12 day Andean retreat we will travel to and from our retreat center
in the Sacred Valley of the Incas to many of the high-powered vortexes of Peru.
In these places we will experience amazing megalithic temples
and carved stone altars where important Andean initiations were anciently observed.

In order to fully receive the Andean energies, we will also daily observe shamanic ceremony,
as well as optional yoga and meditation.
And we will also provide you with training in certain facets
of Andean Shamanism so you can learn how to
harness the Earth’s power for healing, spiritual awakening and deep transformation.

To be able to operate this very special journey to PERU we must have
the minimum number of people registered by January 30, 2019.
Participation is open to the first 15 people who register and the group is filling!
We highly encourage you to get onboard now in order to avoid disappointment.
Email Andrea Mikana-Pinkham at

For itinerary details, pricing and information about how to join our group:


Sacred Journey to Avalon...and Beyond!
May 19 - 26, 2019

Featured Speaker, Spiritual Tour Guide & Ceremonialist: Michael Orchard
Priestess of Avalon - Ceremonialist: Lynne Orchard

Experience and explore some of the most powerful sacred sites on Earth during this spiritual pilgrimage
to Stonehenge (Special Access Entrance inside the circle!), Glastonbury - the Isle of Avalon, Avebury,
Silbury Hill, West Kennett Longbarrow and more!

Experience the powerful energies and understand the esoteric significance
of the mysterious stone circles and other power spots
that will come alive for you, as you walk the ancient pathways
and connect with the rich legacy of the Celtic Goddess Tradition and its Avalonian Mysteries.

Participate in meditations and sacred ceremonies to connect
with this ancient land, the Ancestors & the Divine Feminine!

PRIVATE ENTRANCE into STONEHENGE - Special Access Inside the circle!

For itinerary details, pricing and information about how to join our group:


Ancient Sacred Sites of The Goddess
October 12 - 19, 2019

Featured Speaker & Tour Director: Andrea Mikana-Pinkham

Longtime Researcher & Teacher in The Goddess Tradition
Priestess of Sophia in The Sisterhood of Sophia
Co-Founder & Director of Sacred Sites Journeys
Co-Director of The Order & Mystery School of The Seven Rays

Special GUEST SPEAKER & ARTIST - Connie Rodriguez PhD and

Constance S. Rodriguez, PhD has a doctorate in Depth Psychology
where she studied Jungian dreams, myths and archetypes.
A psychotherapist for over 35 years,
Connie conducted hundreds of Past Life Regressions.
As founder and teacher of The Sacred Journey Mystery School,
she has tended many dreams and people in deep inner processes.

Connie is the author of two books - Sacred Portals and Gifts of the Soul.

Retired from psychotherapy, Connie's daily passion is now painting.
Her work has been featured in local and international magazines.
As a contemporary artist, layered in her art is her love of the living
image, archetypes, symbols and dreams.
She exhibits and sells her work in several Northern California art galleries.

For itinerary details, pricing and information about how to join our group:


Spiritual Retreat on the Nile and More…
November 10 - 23, 2019


This very unique spiritual pilgrimage will rock your boat, literally,
as we'll travel on the Nile in a dahaebeeyah, a large wooden sailboat,
which we are chartering for our group only!

It'll be our home on the water for eight nights as we sail in Upper Egypt
from Aswan to Luxor to visit ancient temples along the Nile.

After our time on the ageless Nile,
we'll fly from Luxor back to Cairo and stay in our home-away-from-home,
the Mena House Hotel, located in the shadow of the Great Pyramid in Giza.

We'll spend time exploring the famous Great Sphinx,
the ancient pyramids
on the Giza Plateau, as well as at Dashour and Saqqara.

And as usual for our groups, our spiritual pilgrimage will end with a
PRIVATE ENTRANCE into the Great Pyramid for meditation and initiation.

Featured Speaker: Author Mark Amaru Pinkham
Founder/Director of  The Order and Mystery School of The Seven Rays
Co-Founder of Sacred Sites Journeys

Speaker & Meditation Facilitator: Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Co-Founder & Director of Sacred Sites Journeys
Co-Director of The Order and Mystery School of The Seven Rays

Tour Guide: Vivian Zaky, PhD, Egyptologist

We've worked with Dr. Vivian Zaki, our dear friend and spiritual Sister, since 2005.
Our groups have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, very professional,
as well as very warm and friendly.
Her dual Doctorate degree is in Archaeology and Tourism,
and she has over 25 years experience guiding groups in Egypt.
She is very open to our spiritual focus.
And, as she is well-known to the guards at the temples, she is easily able to secure our meditation time.

Group participation is open to 14 people.
So, mark your calendar and budget for this most special of all of our Egypt pilgrimages
we've ever offered since we began taking folks there 18 years ago, in 2000.

Full details to be posted here soon!
Bookmark this page and check back often,
or if you'd like to be notified when the information is available,
please email Andrea at

  The Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays

The Seven Rays Order and Mystery School
is a mystery tradition that has existed since the dawn of humanity.
These ageless mysteries and their wisdom are resurfacing now.
They are needed on a much larger scale than ever before as many seekers on Earth
are now provided the opportunity to learn many lost teachings and alchemically rise
 to a new level of expanded spiritual awareness.
The revival of the rainbow symbol of the Seven Rays is also important now.
It represents all races and countries that are destined
to reunite into a one-world humanity in the near future.

Mark Amaru Pinkham is the Founder/Director and Lead Teacher.
Andrea Mikana-Pinkham is the Co-Director and Co-Faciliator of the Priestess of Sophia Training
in The Sisterhood of Sophia, a branch of the Seven Ray Order

For information about our Monthly Seminars, Trainings & Initiations, visit
The Seven Rays Order and Mystery School

Questions? Email
Or, call our office at 928 284-1429

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Sacred Sites Journeys are smoke-free sacred travel experiences.
All forms of tobacco, as well as e-cigarettes are not allowed at any time.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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