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Since 1994...Spiritual Pilgrimages
to the world's most important Sacred Sites
to enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit

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From Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Director of Sacred Sites Journeys:


I'm offering my 30 years of full-time experience of organizing and operating spiritual pilgrimages and retreats,
as well as study and research tours, for those who would like to gather a group to travel to destinations that we offer / have offered.

Are you an author, teacher, life coach, holistic health practitioner, Yoga and/or meditation instructor, New Thought minister,
 leader of a spiritual group, an expert in your field of study who would like to gather a group
of your students, followers, congregation, etc. to travel with you?

Sacred Sites Journeys is one of only a few other sacred travel companies that has been in business for the last 30 years!
We offer YOU the BEST opportunity available to travel to the world's sacred sites!

We have the cream of the crop of excellent travel professionals as our partners
who make the arrangements for us in the countries where we organize and lead our journeys.

And over the years, I've also set up a varied network of local spiritual teachers and elders, artisans,
musicians, healers, as well as hotel and restaurant owners, and many other very dedicated people
whose only goal is to help us to create an unforgettable travel experience for you and your group!

If you'd like to arrange an appointment to speak with me about this mutually beneficial opportunity,
please email me at

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