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The Travel Dilemma!
When to Register for Your Sacred Sites Journey
By Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Director of Sacred Sites Journeys

I regularly receive emails or phone calls from people who are interested in traveling with us asking when they need to register. In fact, it's become so often over the past 30 years that we've been in business that I thought I'd share these travel tips with all of you. Here are the important things to consider about when to register for your Sacred Sites Journey.

1) HOTELS: When we book with the hotels that we work with in the various countries where we offer our spiritual journeys they give us a block of rooms and a deadline by which they must be filled. And 9 times out of 10 they are hard and fast on this deadline. I have to give them the names of the people who will be occupying the rooms by that date, or lose the rooms. Many hotels ask for this list several months in advance.

Why so far in advance from the date the tour begins you may ask? Because we choose properties that are good ones and they usually fill up early, as they have repeat bookings from our company and others. When we find a good thing for our groups, we stick with it.

So this means that the dates that we have in the information on the various pages on our website for the tours, where it says "We must have x number of people booked by x date in order to be able to operate the tour", this is the date that the hotels have given us as a deadline to keep our block of rooms. Once that date is past, we are not able to get them back. Which means that if we don't get enough people to fill them by that date, unfortunately we are forced to cancel the journey. Which is very disappointing for the people who have registered. As well as for those of you who call after that deadline to register, only to find that it's not possible to do so because the tour was cancelled. And believe me, this has happened.

Therefore, if you're thinking of traveling with us on our SSJs in the future, please note the date that we need to have the required number of people registered by to operate the journey, and be one of those who registers by that date.

2) AIRLINES: Another reason to book sooner than later is to get a good airfare, with good connections AND a good seat on flights. I often hear from people that they're waiting until closer to the departure date to book their air, as they'll get a lower priced ticket. Well...sorry folks, but contrary to what you may believe, this will most likely not happen. Prices go UP as it gets closer to the departure date. At least for good flights that's the case; those are the ones with good connections. You might get a cheap ticket if you're willing to have 2+ stops to your destination, and connections that are either very long, or very short, where you run the risk of missing your flight. Airlines consider a 45 minute connection legal; I consider it insane! Now do you really want to do that? My guess is that most of you will not want to. I know I wouldn't.

The other thing that happens if you wait to book your airfare is that the good seats, i.e. aisle and window, disappear. All that's left are the dreaded middle seats. And I've never met anyone yet who wants one of those seats. Do you?

3) PLANNING AND BUDGETING: One of the best reasons to book your Sacred Sites Journey early is to give yourself enough time to plan and budget for it. And to manifest the trip! By registering for your tour you're telling the Universe that you're going. The laws of manifesting kick in when you do, and the time, energy and money for your journey come to you.

In my thirty years of operating our tours I've only seen two people who did this end up not being able to go on their pilgrimage. And the reason was not because they didn't have the money, as they'd manifested the funds. They both had terminal illnesses and didn't know it at the time they registered. They chose to spend the time they had left on planet earth with their families.

This means that the many other people who have traveled with us have used the principles of manifesting to be able to make their dreams come true. You're no less a child of the Universe than they are. You can do it too!

I hope this gives you some useful information. And that you'll go ahead and send in your registration sooner than later for the Sacred Sites Journey of your choice.

I invite you to continue reading for information about our offerings.....

The excursions to sacred sites offered by Sacred Sites Journeys are not tours.

They are spiritual pilgrimages!
Sacred Sites Journeys was founded in 1993 to provide opportunities
for spiritual seekers to travel to the world’s sacred sites.

Through offering ritual, meditation, and other spiritual practices we are committed to creating
the energized environments that are most conducive to the activation (or further activation)of spiritual vision and abilities.

On a Sacred Sites Journeys pilgrimage you will not only be transported to a dynamic
and transformational sacred site, but to deeper and more peaceful places within yourself.

Are You Ready to Gift Yourself
with the Spiritual Experience of a Lifetime?

Are You Ready to Manifest Your Sacred Travel Dreams!

The Sacred Sites are calling you!

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Will you open your heart, mind & soul and heed their call?

We can assure you that if you do, there will be life before your spiritual pilgrimage
and life afterwards...and that they won't be the same!
You will be changed forever in many positive ways as you encounter and engage
the ancient energies and esoteric wisdom of these important power spots
during your Sacred Sites Journey.

So...Go For It!
Set your clear intent and then focus your consciousness during
your meditations and sacred ceremonies.
The Universe will respond with the creative energy needed to
manifest your chosen Sacred Sites Journey.
People have been manifesting their spiritual pilgrimages with us for 30 years now. YOU can too!

Travel with us on an awe-inspiring transformational pilgrimage
that will enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit!

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