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Since 1994...Spiritual Pilgrimages
to the world's most important Sacred Sites
to enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit

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Why Travel with Sacred Sites Journeys?

From Andrea Mikana-Pinkham,
Director/ Co-Founder of Sacred Sites Journeys

Bullet-RedFlashing2.gif (1068 bytes) Sacred Sites Journeys is one of only a few other
sacred travel companies that has been in business for the last 30 years.

Since 1993 my husband Mark Amaru Pinkham and I have been blessed with the honor
to operate and lead spiritual journeys to many of the world's ancient and powerful sacred sites.

With our many years of full-time solid experience in this small niche market of sacred travel,
we offer YOU the BEST opportunity available to travel to the world's sacred sites!

Bullet-RedFlashing2.gif (1068 bytes) We are dedicated to supporting to You have a lifetime spiritual adventure!
AndreaMikana-Pinkham-April2012.jpg (35185 bytes)During this time we've made our own energetic connections with these transformative power spots
through meditation, ritual and ceremony.
In some of the countries where we lead our spiritual journeys
we've studied with local indigenous Elders to learn about their ancient spiritual traditions.
We also ongoingly read and research about the
"who, when and why" of the building of these amazing megalithic sites - a subject that is a passion for both of us!

MarkAmaruPinkham4.jpg (9207 bytes)
We don't demand high speaker fees that would drive up the price of your spiritual pilgrimage.
And our groups are smaller, which is of great benefit to you in your quest
for personal growth and transformation.

Besides sharing our research, study and spiritual gifts in a more formal group setting,
we're also available to interact with you on a daily basis, both at the sacred sites and during free times.

And, very importantly, to assist us in giving You, our valued friends and clients, the best possible experience
during your spiritual pilgrimage, we've set up a network of excellent travel professionals.
We work with local spiritual teachers and Elders, artisans, musicians, healers,
as well as hotel and restaurant owners, and many other very dedicated people
whose only goal is to help us to create an unforgettable lifetime spiritual adventure for YOU!

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Bullet-RedFlashing2.gif (1068 bytes) Our Sacred Sites Journeys are unique!
When you compare our Sacred Sites Journeys to other sacred travel offerings,
you will most likely be comparing "apples to oranges", as our spiritual pilgrimages are unique!

We've traveled to the countries where we offer our spiritual journeys many times over the last 26 years.
As we've led our groups, we've also strengthened our own connections to the sacred sites we visit.
So we can more easily help you to make yours!

Unlike some other companies that offer options to visit the most important sacred sites,
we make sure they're INCLUDED in your itinerary.
We may also offer some optional opportunities which can enhance your experience,
but the fact to keep in mind is that you will visit the most important places with us, and at no extra cost to you.

One of our former sacred travelers has this to say about traveling with us:
"You add so much to the tours. You and Mark are both great Storytellers that have the ability
to make everyone feel like they are part of the history of a place, instead of a tourist.
I know that is what made me want to experience more trips with you.
That is invaluable when people can be spending more than is considered financially responsible these days.

When I explain to people about my trips with you both, I get the usual
“Wouldn’t it be cheaper if you do it yourself?”

And my answer is always “Not really, and I wouldn’t have the ability
to make the place come alive like they do for us.”

More feedback from our former travelers is posted on the pages for each destination.

Bullet-RedFlashing2.gif (1068 bytes) Sacred Sites Journeys offers competitive pricing!

TravelOnlyThingYouBuy-MakesYouRicher.jpg (25745 bytes)

We've done our research and therefore know that the prices for our spiritual pilgrimages
are extremely competitive in the sacred travel marketplace.
Do your own research, comparing apples to apples, instead of to oranges,
as we've discussed in the section above.
We're confident you'll come to the same conclusion.
We k
now that our offerings will stand up against detailed scrutiny and comparison to all others!

With Sacred Sites Journeys, there are no "hidden costs" for you.
Companies that offer lower-priced tour packages do not include the amenities that are standard with us.
Check out the "Inclusions" sections on the webpage for each of our current offerings.
We're sure that you'll be happy to discover all that you'll receive in your sacred travel package.

Also, you may find companies that offer what appear to be discounts, like "free" international air.
We encourage you to be cautious about such offers and remember that "there is no free lunch".

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Are You Ready to Gift Yourself
with the Spiritual Experience of a Lifetime?

Are You Ready to Manifest Your Sacred Travel Dreams?

The Sacred Sites are calling you!
heart_starburst.gif (2471 bytes)
Will you open your heart, mind & soul and heed their call?

We can assure you that if you do, there will be life before your spiritual pilgrimage
and life afterwards...and that they won't be the same!
You will be changed forever in many positive ways as you encounter and engage
the ancient energies and esoteric wisdom of these important power spots
during your Sacred Sites Journey.

So...Go For It! You're worth it!
We encourage you to take the following steps to manifest
your spiritual adventure of a lifetime:
1) Set a clear intent. Focus your consciousness during your meditations
and sacred rituals or ceremonies.

Send in Your Registration to Let The Universe Know You're Committed to Going on Your Sacred Sites Journey

3) The Universe WILL respond with creative energy, your chosen Sacred Sites Journey will manifest

Using these simple steps, people have been manifesting their spiritual pilgrimages
with us for 26 years now. If they did it, YOU can too!

Travel with us on an awe-inspiring transformational pilgrimage
that will enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit
and transform your life in many positive ways!

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Sacred Sites Journeys are smoke-free sacred travel experiences.
All forms of tobacco, as well as e-cigarettes are not allowed at any time.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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NOTE: All photos and text on this webpage are the Copyright of Sacred Sites Journeys.
Sacred Sites Journeys is NOT affiliated with any other sacred travel company.
Other sacred travel companies offering spiritual pilgrimages similar to ours
are using our text and photos. We did not give them permission to do so.
We believe that karma is very efficient, and that those who are not in integrity
will swiftly reap the negative benefits of such actions.

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